georg klein

TRASA warszawa-berlin

A bi-medial space of contact / Audiovisual installation
TRASA is a simultaneous installation at two places in public space, which are connected through two media: an acoustic media by which texts and electronic sounds are transfered and a visual media by which live-images of the people passing by are transfered.
Visual image interaction :
The passage halls lead directly to a wall above a staircase. There a camera was installed which filmed the people from a frontal perspective. These images were projected on the wall and at the same time streamed to the other city. The image of the other city was projected directly next to the own mirrow-image. People of one urban space faced people of the other urban space – and at the same time regarded theme-selves. Perception of the others and oneself in a simultaneous process.

Musical text interaction :
Within the visual constellation a spacial track was defined by a sensor (laser). Moving on it made audible two poems , in Berlin the poem 'Unlucky Angel' by Heiner Müller, in Warsaw 'Station' von Wislawa Szymborska. If a person stepped into a certain spot of the track the assigned text would start in a musical ornamentation. Thus the text could be physically crossed and experienced according to the own position (acoustical topography of text).