Sprich mit mir

georg klein

Sprich mit mir / Talk to me

Interactive installation in the red-light district
Female prostitutes - in Germany fully legalized since 2002 - not only show themselves on the street but more and more in modern media, in talk shows and in somehow voyeuristic documentaries. But the other part - and the cause of prostitution - the motivation of the men is rarely seen and discussed. The costumers normally want to be unknown. The artist could make interviews with 8 of them in one of the oldest red-light districts in Germany, and the footage was arranged to a 3 channel acoustic collage with 26 themes.
At a speech column the interview parts can be heard in a random order, triggered by a switch: first experiences, frustration, speculation on gainings and drug consum of prostitutes, love difficulties. Quiet open-hearted and very intimate.
In the passage-way next to the column there is the sound wall installed with 8 red shining loudspeakers. Triggered by a motion detector passers-by can hear 16 composed miniatures out of pickup sentences of the prostitutes (imitated by the vocal performer Steffi Weismann).