Due Forze

georg klein

Le Due Forze di Taranto

Photo and sound installation
"Le Due Forze di Taranto" has three parts, working with the conflicts of this city in South-Italy in a site-specific installation on two levels. The installation brings the political forces together in a condensed, aesthetic situation at a underpassing in the center of the city, at Ponte Girevole. The city is trapped between two forces – the steel and petrochemical industry in the northwest and the navy in the southeast (NATO military port) - and both they are polluting the air, the ground and the sea since decades, and they are restricting the live of the people in a physical way by walls and forbidden areas.
On the low level in the underpassing a third force gets a voice, represented by a member of the independent organisation "Commitato". In opposition to the representatives on top his face is visible and also his voice is audible. Out of an interview with him on his personal live as native Tarantino, as a worker in the steel plant and as a political activist a speech collage was made, broken by the disruption between work and health.