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Sabine Sanio (catalog 'borderlines'): Reality as a Site for Art

Georg Klein’s work is an anomaly in both sound and new media art. In sound art there is no other artistic position that deals so intensively and rigorously with social reality and public urban space. While these themes are more widespread in new media art, one finds no other artists in that field who have given the musical and the auditory the same precedence, nor is there the same kind of connection to place that Klein has developed.
These two aspects constitute the unique quality of this artist’s aesthetic thinking: The precision and sensitivity with which he chooses sounds, noises, images, poems and text compositions for a given project are as unusual as the site-specificity that forms the core of his aesthetic.
(Prof. Sabine Sanio, UdK Berlin, Katalog 'borderlines' 2014).
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Michael Reichelt (Kunstforum INTERNATIONAL): Post Colonial Flagship Store

The Berlin based artists Sven Kalden and Georg Klein installed in Vienna as 'Curatorial Executive Officers' (CEOs) the "Post Colonial Flagship Store" in the freiraum space of MuseumsQuartier (quartier21). They invited international artists for works on different aspects of economy, politics and power. (...) In their exhibition historical dimensions of colonialism are also present than current aspects.
Georg Klein and Steffii Weismann are interested in exploitation and degration of work in the context of global trading. In their 3-channel video installation "UNorJUSTNESS A" they observe a broker and a palm oil worker, combined with an advertising video for personal investments in commodities for everybody. The hard physical work makes a strong contrast to the office work and the ad promising the most easiest way of earning money. Existing totally seperated they nevertheless stick togehter in a collective utilization process.
(Kunstforum INTERNATIONAL, Bd. 230: KONFLIKTE: Zur existentiellen Notwendigkeit von Kunst, Dez. 2014)

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Ursula Maria Probst, Franz Thalmair (KUNSTFORUM International): The in-/visible city as an action space of contradictions

"In the project "Sprich mit mir"/"Speak to me" (2009), realised by Georg Klein with Dorothea von Stillfried, the questioning of costumers of prostitutes produced a sounding image of prostitution in general. In contradiction of the femaie prostitutes who are fighting for her rights and social status in media and press, there is nothing to hear about their costumers and their motivation. They want to stay unknown and invisible. Klein's project has two parts using interviews with costumers (...).
Here we use the term 'contradiction' in its original meaning 'contra-diction', used in art practices for all, who are interested in a change of the political, social and economic situation. These art practices of contradiction were always the main impulse of the avantgarde and the social movements in the 20th century, and their main field of activity was the urban space. The in-/visible central theme, which brings together heterogeneity in an 'action space of contradictions', guides to a pair of opposites - of visibility and invisibility. It's an art practice which brings the unseen to light and reduces the all too visible in its brightness."
(KUNSTFORUM International, Bd. 212, Nov./Dec. 2011, p. 66-106)

Beral Madra (Art Critic and Curator, Istanbul Biennale / Visual Arts Director of European Capital of Culture Istanbul 2010):

„Georg Klein belongs to the established atists in Berlin contemporary art scene. He is one of an activist group of artists who made outstanding contributions to the development of the artistic production with their interdisciplinary installations in exhibitions with strong social and political concepts.
He examines and deals individual psychology, behaviour and deed within the paradox of tradition and modernity. Georg Klein, who prefers using sound installations, photographic and video images in his work, builds a sort of 'witnessing' relationship with the audience. Video and photographic installations, audio recordings are the mediums he frequently chooses to use. His works wanders around the concepts such us 'identity', 'public space - private space', 'memory', 'art practise' and 'consumption culture'.
In these works the personal and the impersonal, or reality and fiction deceive one another. From these works a world is reflected which is familiar but also alien, personal but universal as well".
(Beral Madra, BM Contemporary Art Center Istanbul / Berlin Residencies in Istanbul,
Dec. 2010).

Stefan Fricke (Hessischer Rundfunk): Klang_Kunst_Klang, Teil 6: Portrait Georg Klein

„Klein, who was awarded with the German Sound Art Prize in 2002, has again and again pointed to social drawbacks in his installations which mainly were realised in public space. For himself an important aspect is the integration of the public by concepts of interaction and participation."
(Hessicher Rundfunk, radio broadcasting in german, Feb. 16th 2010, 10-11 p.m. Uhr, HR2, 55min.).
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Prof. Verena Kuni (Uni Frankfurt): Sprich mit mir! (Installation takeaway, Weismann & Klein)

„Even though the situations - playing at the little, red takeaway wagon - were not without humor: Weismann & Klein didn't want to muck around with the public. It was an invitation, to make an experience by yourself how it is if a machine is talking to you. And how it is if you don't know for shure: With whom or with what I have to deal here? “ (Catalog VIS-A-VIS Steffi Weismannn, Ed. Petra Reichensperger, Nürnberg 2009, p. 7-13)

Dr. Uwe Rüth (Katalog sonambiente): Die Vermittlung von Klangkunst / Communication of Sound Art

„Sound Art is getting the most attention if it's integrated in public space. The installation „Ortsklang Marl Mitte“ by Georg Klein, one of the first prize winners of the Gemran Sound Art Award, was an ironic and socialogical oriented sound intervention at the 'non-station' Marl-Mitte. The inhabitants of Marl reacted in a surprising way."
(In: sonambiente catalog 2006, p. 235-242)

Dr. Sabine Sanio (DeutschlandRadio): Georg Kleins Ortsklang / Site-Sounds by Georg Klein

A radio portrait by Sabine Sanio on Georg Klein's installations in public space. WIth contributions by Marius Babias and Michael Müller.
"In Klein's sound installaitions texts are playing a main role. spielen Texte stets eine wichtige Rolle. Nevertheless speech is not dominant because Klein uses all texts also as a musical material."
(Deutschlandradio Kultur, radio broadcasting in german, Dec. 12th 2005, 55min.)
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Dr. Barbara Bathelmes (Catalog TRASA): Georg Klein oder der Künstler als Orts-Seher. / Georg Klein or the Artist as Local Visionary.

"Georg Klein's Sound Situations in Public Space is a characteristic theatrical moment. Theatrical in the sense that the observer or listener is compelled by the situation to no longer remain silent and motionless in front of the object, or to listen attentively to the music being performed by the interpreter, fixed in his seat, but to react, to move, to take action. Thus the installation artist literally 'stages' the listener, comparable with the director and stage designer."
(In: Katalog TRASA warszawa-berlin, Kehrer-Verlag, Heidelberg 2004)
Dr. Piotr Rypson (Catalog TRASA): Woanders. / Elsewhere (TRASA warszawa-berlin)

„The author of TRASA bases his work on the clichés of the antitheses East-West, Berlin-Warsaw, Germany and Poland, without offering ready solutions. Paradoxically, he makes use of the latest media technology in order to cause this vehicle for mass emotions and political and economic manipulation to falter with references devised and managed by the media.“
(In: Katalog TRASA warszawa-berlin, Kehrer-Verlag, Heidelberg, 2004)
Dr. Claudia Tittel (Positionen): JE est un autre" - Selbsterkenntnis. / I Is Another – Self-Knowledge

"Georg Klein endeavours to transfer self-knowledge to another plane which lies in the ambivalence of the ephemeral. The mirror keeps the viewer in a 1:1 ratio within the image, which he can break through himself by disappearing from the image – and thus from his own field of vision."
(In: Positionen 57, 2003)
Julia Gerlach (Positionen): Inmitten Marl. Erster Deutscher Klangkunstpreis. / In the Midst of Marl). First German Sound Art Award

"Thus an open yet thematically and materially self-referential system emerged from sound – text – location, both unstable and contradictory in itself – like the situation itself. One is conscious of this, and that makes the work powerful."
(In: Positionen 55, 2003)
Prof. Doris Kolesch (FU Berlin): Gehör-Gänge - Zu Georg Kleins Klangsituation „transition“ / Auditory Canals – On Georg Klein's Sound Situation "transition"

"What Klein and Kleist are saying here, from the perspective of production aesthetics, as it were, about stationary sound and the stone suspended in the air also has consequences for the temporal dimension of music listening. Klein's work examines the indissoluble interconnection of contemporary listening, on the one hand, and the memory of what is heard, on the other." (Art Lecture vom 14.6. 2002, SFB Kulturen des Performativen, FU Berlin)
Dr. Sabine Sanio (catalog transition): im vorübergehen? kunst und eingedenken / in passing? art and remembering

"Scenes of passage are allegories of post-modern life and the specific form of isolation that it gives rise to. Just as the arts reflect the specific experiences of an epoch, a sound situation is created here in which our experiences with these scenes of passage can be articulated."
(transition-textbuch, Pfau-Verlag, 2001)