georg klein

installations > warten | waiting : video docu. 4min. + orignal video 6min.
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warten | waiting

video sound installation in split screen projection, stereo audio
text: Bert Brecht, voice: Otto Sander
in a shop window at tram station Alexanderplatz, Berlin

audio-video-loop: 6 min.
Waiting shows waiting people on one of Berlins central places: the Alexanderplatz. The video doesn't show what they are waiting for, but the way of waiting itself. In the double projection the two pictures seem to be one because of the continuos horizontal lines. But if the waiting people are moving, they disappear in the middle of the screen.

Brechts poem describes a waiting situation as an existential situation, asking for where do I come from and where do I go. The fragmentated text with pure simple tones comes to his end after a long time for the visitors of the installation: waiting on both sides, for the passers-by in the video and for the visitors, who are looking directly in the faces of the waiting people on the projection wall.