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Na Na
interactive installation with 2 parabolic speakers, motion detector, sound files, computer controlling

stereo loop 13min. with time variations
66 motion sensitive interaction sounds
voice: Sun-ju Choi (korean/german)
The installation is made of two parabolic satellite bowls, transformed into loudspeakers. They are installed between two walls at the entrance of the exhibition. Visitors have to go through this constellation. The two green parabolic reflectors remember on radar aerials of the Cold War. Here they produce a strong stereophonic sound beam. The passers-by get in this sound focus like between two front-lines.

The installation works with minimal sound material, just one word in two languages: "I" in german ("Ich") and korean ("Na"), spoken by a native korean woman, living in Germany. These words appear musically on two levels: in a loop with time variations and noisy background sounds and as motion sensitive interaction sounds. These interaction sounds are triggered by movements between the two parabolic loudspeakers. There are 66 variations of musical fragments and fast repetitions of parts of the two short words, cracked, multiplied and mixed beyond recognition. The both "I's" disperse, getting noise and rhythm. Decomposed in this way they getting together in a new way.

The visual and acoustic constellation of the installation is reflecting the
I-consciousness in the perspective of a threatening situation: a mutiple ego, reflected in a polar situation of tension, an ambivalent in-between, where the single "In-dividual" appears as a "Dividual".

Exhibition Shared.Divided.United Germany – Korea: migration movements at Cold War

Neue Gesellschaft für Bildende Kunst Berlin (NGBK)
10th Okt. – 15th Nov. 2009

Kunstverein Hildesheim
27th Nov.2009 – Jan.2010

Transitional Societies
NON Berlin in coop. with
Kunsthaus Meinblau
4th - 12th Mar 2016


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