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Lautsprecher und Leisesprecher
concert piece for 4 vocal performers and 4 personal loudspeakers

4 loudspeakers in head-size, 4 micros and 4-channel-tape

duration: 10:30

As in many of his installations, Georg Kein uses spoken language in his concert piece, which oscillates between speech sound and word meaning. But in contrast to the installative constellation, in which a technical apparatus digitally cuts up the spoken language (Interactive Variation), here the language is acoustically divided into the smallest particles by the performers.
The voice performers imitate in an analog way a digital technology. This in turn appears irritatingly as a playback, so that the perception of the listener is required, who does not know which sound is produced technically or live-acoustically. While in his instrumental pieces Spiegelgespräche I+II (1998) and sixis (2006) the technical medium serves as a temporal mirror of an acoustic process, here the acoustic performance becomes a mirror of a technical process: that of the wandering time window over an acoustic event, in this case two short words. The volume results exclusively from the shortness or length of this time window, which the performers must always produce at a constant level of intensity. But this is only the "technical" side of the composition, the other side of which the listener may discover by itself.

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