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tracing Godwin
2011 - 2015

mixed media installation
with voice / red shining loudspeaker,
1 red poster + several site-specific posters in public space with QR-code
voice by a Nigerian, illegal immigrant in Europe/Naples

audio-loop: 6 min.
This work follows the trace of an illegal immigrant from Nigeria, who went through the Sahara Desert, Lybia, then with a small boat over the sea to Lampedusa and finally to Naples. He is a typical economic refugee, who risked his own life and sells now pot clothes or handbags for surviving in Europe. Without language knowledge, without passport, without familiy support and without professional education his perspective is bad. But he doesn't complain. He keeps quiet. His trace is now extended virtually through the streets of Osnabrück while his voice is audible in the Gallery.

The three poster photos in the streets are showing Godwin in front of that wall of three certain buildings, where the poster finally was hanged. The site-specific posters at „Haus der Jugend“, „Stadtbibliothek“ and „Lagerhalle“ call attention to the public and some were destroyed or pasted up with xenophobic stickers. But nevertheless a lot of passers-by were lead to the Gallery, where the 4th poster photo was shown, together with 2 pto clothes at the floor and the voice of Godwin coming out of a red loudpeaker.

The audio loop is built out of an interview the artist made in english with Godwin in Naples. Telling his immigration story his words and sentences are coming out of the speaker in a musical way by variations and repetitions. In this melodies one sentance can be heard often: „I don't have to take care of me“. The free hanging loudspeaker, shining red with some LEDs inside, is directed to his own face on the poster at the wall. Visitors have to come close to listen to his silent voice between the speaker and the poster.

For the exhibition tracing mobility in Berlin the concept of the work has been expanded with a call for participation: Everybody in Europe can send a photo of a wall, where Godwin should appear, and the artist is making a photomontage with Godwin and this background. The file will be sent back and the participator can print out and hang it at his chosen wall. With a QR-Code on the poster the voice of Godwin can be heard with a smartphone immediately at every location.

Thus, Godwin will appear all over Europe in countries and cities he never could come. All sites where Godwin appears virtually are documented on a website :

Haus der Kulturen der Welt
Berlin - tracing mobility
open platform
23th Nov. - 12th Dec 2011


Kunsthaus Aussersihl Zürich
4th - 29th of Jan 2014


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